Terms of Service for MADONNA'S MINK'S

Welcome to MADONNA'S MINK'S terms of service! By using our services, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

I agree to have eyelash extensions applied to my natural eyelashes and/or removed and retouched. By signing this agreement, I consent to the placement and/or removal of the eyelash extensions by the certified eyelash extension professional.

I understand that in rare occasions there are risks associated with having artificial eyelashes and eyelash extensions

applied to or removed from my natural eyelashes. I further understand that in rare cases as part of the procedure eye irritation and discomfort could occur. I agree that if I experience any of these conditions with my lashes that I will contact the certified eyelash extension professional that performed this procedure and it may be beneficial to have the eyelashes removed.

I understand and agree to the after-care instructions provided by the certified eyelash extension professional for the use and care of my eyelash extensions. I realize and accept the consequences of failure to adhere to these instructions may cause the eyelash extensions to fall out and/or decrease the time the lashes will last.

I understand and consent to having my eyes closed and covered for the duration of approximately 60-180 minutes procedure. Times may vary depending on the type and number of eyelashes applied.

I am informing the certified eyelash extension professional of the following conditions by marking with a check:

  • Current use of contact lenses which I may be asked to remove during the procedure
  • Current use of anything such as oil-containing sunscreen or moisturizers around the eyes
  • Current use of eye drops of any kind, prescription or over the counter
  • Current allergies or sensitivities
  • History of recurrent eye or tear duct infections
  • History of dry eyes or Sjogren’s Syndrome
  • Recent history of Chemotherapy
  • Other medical conditions which would prohibit or compromise placement and retention of eyelash extensions

I agree to the following eyelash extension follow-up and maintenance instructions:

  • No waterproof mascara
  • No oil-based products around the eye area
  • No tinting or perming of eyelash extensions
  • No pulling or rubbing of the eyelash extensions
  • Should any kind of eye drops be necessary extra care should be taken to prevent moisture from coming into contact with the eyelash extensions
  • There is NO REFUNDS but if you are experiencing extreme shedding within the next 3 days of your apppointmet, I will fill with no additional costs. 
  • I consent to having my before and after photos and videos taken for advertising purposes. I understand that these photos maybe be posted on social media sites and Madonna's Minks web page. 

This agreement will remain in effect for this procedure and all future follow-ups conducted by the certified eyelash extension professional. I read English and understand that this consent agreement is legal and binding.


I have read and fully understand all information in this agreement. I am over 18 years of age and consent to the agreement and to the eyelash extension application procedure.